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The Weekly Scoop  – 3/6/2024


MARCH 9, 2024



Saturday 03/09/2024

Shanghai Bun 六和園   

$10 per order. Delivery will be 12:15PM, in the cafeteria by main entrance.

Order cutoff time via form:  Friday 11AM; In person Saturday by 10:15AM


Bear Mama Kitchen 貝兒天然手作廚房   

Bear Mama specializes in Taiwanese Style desserts and snacks. 

Her dishes reflect the essence of the central Taiwan Hakka community. 

No MSG or nuts.

**Hakka cuisine is known for its emphasis on simple and hearty dishes, often making use of ingredients readily available in the local environment.

Please place your order online by March 15.

Payments are due on the following day, March 16.

Your order will be ready for pickup on March 23rd by 10:00 am at the PA desk.

Points/Gift Exchange Event

Our POINTS/GIFT Exchange Event is May 18, 2024!

The students have an opportunity to exchange their points, which they have earned from their hard work and achievements during their language portion of their day at MFCS.


We Need Your Help! Sign up to Volunteer!

The PA Team is so excited to welcome you all back. We have a fun year ahead for our kids. Please remember, we cannot do it without a key ingredient – YOUR TIME! 

Visit the PA site to read more about volunteering options.


If you have any questions, please email us at:

~The PA Team

Colleen, Leafy and Chia-Lin

Reminder: Each family who volunteers a total of 12 hours for the school year is eligible for the PA Duty $60 refund in June 2024 (end of the year).

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