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Culture Class Information

  • Class: Dance - Chinese Folk
  • Teacher: Zhiying Ma马志英
  • Information: Ages 7 and older can learn a variety Chinese folk dance techniques and routines.

  • Class: Arts & Craft
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Ages 7 and older will create a variety of artistic projects weekly. The class focuses on artistic exhibition and designing crafts that involve detail and hand-eye coordination. 

  • Class: Chinese Brush Painting and Chinese Calligraphy
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Students ages 8 and older will learn to make a simple brush strokes to create vivid images of flowers, birds, fish, and bamboo while also practicing how tot incorporate texture and unique wash techniques. 
  • Students will also learn how to correctly hold and use a brush to write words in traditional Chinese in forms of poems, short scrolls, characters, and word pairing ideographs. This way, they may transform everyday Chinese characters into beautiful works of art.

  • Class: Kung-Fu
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Alongside learning Kung-Fu, they may also have the opportunity to learn lion dance.

  • Class: Children's Culture
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Students aged 4 to 6 1/2 can learn Chinese through singing songs, poem readings, and playing games.

  • Class: Yo Yo
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Students ages 7 and older will learn how to spin the yo-yo, and then learn increasingly challenging tricks. Depending on skill level, students will be encouraged to go to a variety of competitions. 

  • Class: Dance - Chinese Traditional 
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Students, ages 7 and older, will learn a variety of Chinese traditional and folk dancing using ribbons, fans, swords, long sleeves, baskets, etc in many different ethnic styles

  • Class: Chinese Chess
  • Teacher: TBA
  • Information: Students ages 8 and older will learn strategy as well as improve their skill sin the ancient game of Chinese Chess.

  • Class: Tai Chi (for students)
  • Teacher: Master Zhang
  • Information: The Tai Chi Fan form is a fusion of movements from Tai Chi, Pekingese Opera, and the Chinese Iron Fan dance. As a result, the form is both elegant and powerful, and is widely practiced by Tai Chi enthusiasts. Students ages 7 and older are welcome to join. 

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