04/26/2020 – 05/02/2020 Weekly Communication

Weekly Announcements 4/26/2020 – 5/2/2020

Ticket refund for CNY luncheon

In light of the recent cancelation of our annual Chinese New Year celebration and luncheon all tickets sold at regular or discounted price can be fully refunded.  We kindly ask you to take a picture of your original ticket(s) and email it to the PA department at MFCSPADir@gmail.com.  The Treasury department will issue refunds once New Jersey state COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and it is safe for our staff to mail refund checks.

NCACLS Card Design for 2020 Teacher Appreciation Contest – Due Date May-9

Topic: Card Design for 2020 Teacher Appreciation Contest
Purpose: To preserve and carry forward the longstanding Chinese tradition of teacher appreciation. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic,  Chinese language school teachers have been adapting and using technology to continue to reach students. Teachers are doing their utmost to teach students Chinese language and culture using various tools. This competition is to inspire students to show their appreciation and gratitude while celebrating Teachers’ Day in May. 

Submission: Upload student’s information and design to https://forms.gle/GyoEtf5vtiA8aV4G6
Due Date:  5/9/2020 11pm EST
Applicants:  Students of NCACLS member schools
Contest group

Group 1:k-2nd grade
Group 2:3rd -5th grade
Group 3:6th-8th grade
Group 4:9th- 12th grade

Size: Letter size (8.5″ x11″), no limitation in content, Traditional font must be used
Format: PDF, image, or Word files are all acceptable and should be under 100MB.
Prizes for each group:

First place: $75 gift card, one person
Second place: $50 gift card, one person
Third place: $25 gift card, one person
Honorable mentioned: (Depends on the number of participants in each group)

The Winners list will be announced on NCACLS website no later than 5/31/2020.
*Deadline: 05/09/2020 (Sat.) EST 11pm; CST 10pm; PST 8pm; HST 5pm

•    Please fill out your real name in Chinese and English as well as your Chinese School name during submission to facilitate inclusion in NCACLS announcement on its website, ncacls.net.
•    NCACLS reserves all rights to change the rules and prizes 
•    NCACLS reserves all rights to use all participants’ work for educational use.

*Instructions for converting the submission form to English 

*Note: For the Affiliated Chinese school, enter “Monmouth Fidelity Chinese School”

Good luck on your entries!!!

Message from TECO to Taiwan residents in the US who would like to purchase masks from Taiwan but does not have any immediate family in Tawain – Due Date May-5


鑒於全球COVID-19 蔓延,中央流行疫情指揮中心日前開放二親等內可郵寄醫療口罩給海外國人。針對部份在臺灣無二親等以內親人的旅外國人,僑務委員會洽得限額醫療口罩提供購買。






Wei-Ting Lin

131-03 40 Rd #11H, Flushing, NY 11354



Herbert Gordon

Principal, Monmouth Fidelity Chinese School
355 County Rd 520
Marlboro Township, NJ 07746

1090101573I-旅外在臺無二親等國人購買醫療口罩需求書 (1)

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