MFCS – Summer Newsletter – August 2020

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Culture Class Registration Now Open!!!! – Please Register Your Culture Class!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the opening of our Culture class offering for the upcoming semester!   We treasure your continued support, and we hope you will register for one of the Culture classes.  Culture class fees have been reduced by 50 percent.  Culture class registration is only $25 per student.  This is less than $1 a class. 

Please see the details of each Culture class offering below. 

Chinese Brush Painting & Chinese Calligraphy (國畫 & 書法)

Lead by Ms. Hua Jiang 姜華 – Classes presented via Zoom – Minimum age requirement: 10 yrs old 

With Chinese Brush Painting instructions, Students will learn to make simple brush strokes to create vivid images of flowers, birds, fish, bamboo, and more while also practicing how to incorporate texture and unique wash techniques. With Chinese Calligraphy instructions, students will learn how to correctly hold and use a brush to write words in traditional Chinese in forms of poems, short scrolls, characters, and word pairings ideographs.  This way they may transform everyday Chinese characters into beautiful works of art using traditional brushes and paper.

Chinese Traditional Dance (中國傳統舞蹈)

Lead by Ms. Kara Lui – Classes presented via Zoom – Minimum age requirement: 8 yrs old
Student will learn a variety of Chinese traditional dancing using ribbons, fans, swords, long sleeves, baskets, etc in many different ethnic styles.

Chinese Folk Dance (中國民俗舞蹈) 

Lead by Ms. Kelly Chin 陳杰蓮 – Classes presented via Zoom – Minimum age requirement: 8 yrs old 

Student learn a variety Chinese Folk Dance techniques and routines, include Tai Chi Fan Dance, Chinese Ribbon Dance and Chinese Sword Dance

Chinese Yo-Yo (扯鈴)

Lead by Mr. Lam Kevin 林智誠 and Mr. Jared Chiou 邱杰倫 – Classes presented via Outdoor Session – Minimum Age requirement: 10 yrs. 

This class will be presented in an outdoor setting, weather permitting, with social distancing enforced.  Each instructor will oversee 3 to 5 students.  Student must maintain 12 foot distance and wear a mask throughout the session (instructors will enforce this policy).   This class will start at 11:45AM and end at 12:45PM.  During inclement weather, classes with by held via Google Classroom and pre-recorded tricks videos will be assigned for students to review.

Students learn how to spin the yo-yo and then increasingly challenging tricks. They will be required to practice at home to master their tricks. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of performances. Depending on their skill levels, they might be invited to a variety of competitions. Yo-Yos will be needed every class. If your child needs a yo-yo, please ask the teacher about where to buy one.

Chinese Chess (象棋)

Lead by Mr. Peter Tan 陳世俊 – Classes presented via Zoom & applicable Chinese Chess software – Minimum age requirement: 10 yrs old 

Students learn strategy as well as improve their skills in the ancient game of Chinese chess.

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MFCS Open Positions

We are looking for current parents of MFCS to fill the following open positions.  For those who have not served and have been with the school for 3+ years, please sign up, as we want the volunteer efforts to be equally distributed amongst the families.  Remember this is all for our students and community.

Please click the position to get details of each role. 

Open Board positions

Non-Board open positions

If you are interested in applying for one of the open positions or have questions about any of these roles please send an email to or call 917-224-9364.


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Please stay safe and healthy and I look forward to seeing you for the 2020-2021 semester.

Herbert Gordon

Principal, Monmouth Fidelity Chinese School
355 County Rd 520
Marlboro Township, NJ 07746