1/28/2017 Lunar New Year Celebration

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Thank you everyone for your participation to our Annual Lunar New Year Celebration and Lunch Party!  Because of the team work we have received lots of compliments from VIPs, reporters, and guests.


Stage Background designed and created by Shumei Kuo



Letter from our VIP Alumni Parent Alice Ng,

“Dear FCS Team,

Congratulations to Alan, Suzie, Charlie and their volunteer teams for a very successful and wonderful performance program and party!   Your many hours of hard work and coordination was evident.  Special thanks always to Bonnie and her students and decorating team for the beautiful Rooster backdrop and artwork/calligraphy displays in the foyer.  I’m always so impressed that these students can produce such beautiful pieces in such a short time.  We are so blessed to have dedicated parents, like you, and teachers who support the school so that our children can have the best cultural experience possible growing up here in the US. 
The VIP’s I spoke with really enjoyed the day and we got lots of compliments.  They all felt very welcome and several commented that they look forward to and try never to miss our annual CNY Performance. It was also great to be able to reconnect with alumni families and friends   Most heartwarming was seeing so many grandparents and friends in our audience enjoying the show and supporting our students and teachers!
There were many highlights in the performance program for me – too many to mention. It has been a tradition for us to invite our alumni parents and students back to teach and perform as well as friends from other schools and performing groups.  
Alan, I know how much effort it takes and you did an outstanding job – where do you get all that energy?!!.  Frank, thanks as usual for the timely and great quality videos that we can revisit and share with family and friends who couldn’t share the day with us! I can’t wait to see the photos!  As always, I’m very proud of our FCS students and school.
 Best wishes for a very healthy, prosperous and happy New Year of the Rooster.to you and your families!
Warmest regards,





Video Playlist By Frank Lee
2017 FCS New Year Performance – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLki57sMxh7TGOmZQgfS_ljXVsgKJfQP-8

Individual Clips
2017 FCS NYP 01 National Anthem – https://youtu.be/_LrV8v3GjVg
2017 FCS NYP 02 Lunar Year Greeting and VIP Guest – https://youtu.be/NUIQR9RMrcY
2017 FCS NYP 03 Fidelity Alumni Trio – https://youtu.be/Atqx6z1SLTk
2017 FCS NYP 04 Year of Rooster Dragon Dance – https://youtu.be/_S0qEMZb_0g
2017 FCS NYP 05 Children’s Song and Dance – https://youtu.be/Zhle2suMR6c
2017 FCS NYP 06 Jr Dance – Red Lantern – https://youtu.be/BLSSKhhOG4Q
2017 FCS NYP 07 Kung Fu – https://youtu.be/2Wb25drjkiI
2017 FCS NYP 08 Yo-Yo Class – https://youtu.be/G3vBxGHpfdQ
2017 FCS NYP 09 Junior Dance-Overlord Whip Dance – https://youtu.be/grTvmV63uZQ
2017 FCS NYP 10 TA Peacock Dance – https://youtu.be/U-Vt5jRYp78
2017 FCS NYP 11 Latin Dance – https://youtu.be/1X3kxyzU0R4
2017 FCS NYP 12 TA Uyghur Dance – https://youtu.be/-NdblRYyNSs
2017 FCS NYP 13 Cross Talk – https://youtu.be/EN_M9Rkq4wo
2017 FCS NYP 14 Yo-Yo TA and SI – https://youtu.be/wy5DM_yyu5Y
2017 FCS NYP 15 Yo-Yo Teacher – Kevin Lam – https://youtu.be/AJJ8XbcLyFM
2017 FCS NYP 16 Folk Dance – https://youtu.be/_CRUS1qr7K0
2017 FCS NYP 17 Peking Opera – https://youtu.be/tfick-lVoG4
Lunch Party Video By QBand