03/01/2020 – 03/07/2020 Weekly Communication

Weekly Announcements 03/01/2020 – 03/07/2020 每周公告2020年03月01日-2020年03月07日

Multimedia Contest Grade 7-8 and CSL Advance Results Thank you to our Language Directors, judges and student participants for their support and efforts with the Multimedia Contest. Congratulations to our winners on this year’s Multimedia Contest. 8th Grade 1st Place: Brian Lo 2nd Place: Anna Chen M8 Grade 1st Place: Vanessa Chan 2nd Place: Briana Djunaidy 3rd Place: Brian Djunaidy
Ticket Refund for CNY Luncheon In light of the recent cancelation of our annual Chinese New Year celebration and luncheon all tickets sold at regular or discounted price can be fully refunded each Saturday from March-7 to April-4. We kindly ask you to come to the Treasury department or PA desk with your original tickets for refunds on those Saturdays. The MFCS Board continues to review alternate dates to hold our annual performance and luncheon. More details to follow.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding and continued support.
Annual Bake Sale – March-7 Please see the PA/PTO Department section below for further details.
MFCS Internal Chinese Chess Competition – March-7
Onsite Free Seminar for all friends and families in the Cafeteria March 7th 9:30am-10:50am Topic Includes: Importance of Early Childhood Education and The Strategies to Cultivate Students getting into Good Colleges by Dr. Lin.  See additional details below.

Language Department

General Announcements None

PA/PTO Department

PTO Duties

To sign up for PTO Duty please select link here: https://signup.com/go/EPbzbco 家長們可按以上連結進行每週值班的登記. 即使只用手機輸入電郵地址,也可以輕鬆完成. Online Lunch Order Lunch catering is from: 林宮 Lin’s Palace To order online or view menu selections, go to https://forms.gle/W2SEKSX6JxYHuU2M6 Beside lunchbox, Lin’s Palace is also bringing authentic Taiwanese food and seafood. 午餐盒由林宮供應, 欲於網上訂購(週六早上付款)或瀏覽餐牌的家長,請按以上連結. 另外,林宮亦會帶來美味的炸魚、熟食、台式香腸、魚丸魚羮,等等. On-site Vendor N/A MFCS adopts a nut-free policy and we request our parents to bring to school no-nut food. However, most of the donated food for Bake Sale is home-made and is not processed by nut-free facilities. Pls understand that we will try our best, but we cannot guarantee said food as nut-free. We request our parents to accompany their kids with nut allergy when there are chances of food consumption at school.

Cultural Department

General Announcements MFCS Internal Chinese Chess Competition

Onsite Free Seminar

講座: 如何提高學校成績及申請好大學 • 提高學校成績的要訣 (K-12 Eng/Math/Science) • 如何提高SAT, SAT II, ACT成績 • 如何準備AP • 奧林匹亞(OLYMPIAD)競賽 • 如何申請好大學7-12 年級 Step-By-Step • 暑期計劃 • 課外活動的選項 • 大學申請財務補助 日期: Saturday 3/07/2020 09:30 AM thru 10:45AM

Upcoming Events & Competitions – March

March 14, 2020   MFCS Internal Chinese Yo-Yo Competition March 21, 2020   ANJCS Chinese Chess Competition March 28, 2020   Midterm Exam # 2 ANJCS Chinese Yo-Yo Competition

Herbert Gordon

Principal, Monmouth Fidelity Chinese School 355 County Rd 520 Marlboro Township, NJ 07746 http://www.njmfcs.org

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